Friday, July 25, 2008


I am Mohd tori from jambiani i would like to THANKS all people that visit in jabiani but in order to enjoy well in jambiani in different thing like to eat local food and to know how to Cooke the local food in jambiani,secondly to go out side of jambiani maybe in Jozan forest to see cola bus manky ,also to go in spice tour ,in dolphin in kizimkazi ,not only that but also if you want to rent bacle in jambiani or if you want to go out side of Jambiani is OK .

Jambiani had nice beech i organise people to go in snorkeling by using local boot .

for more information contact with me on +255777772109 and my email

enjoy your different trip also local meal by meeting with TORI IN JAMBIANI

food in jambiani

ths is my short massage about food

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